Volunteer to Teach English in Ghana

At Westminster Comprehensive School

We are seeking volunteers to teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, a private Ghanaian school that has a population of 460 students with over forty teaching and non-teaching support staff.

The basic aim of the school is to provide quality and affordable education to its pupils and students. The school is located at Fumesua, a town near Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, accessed along the Accra-Kumasi highway and about 15km from Kumasi.

The main purpose of this volunteer project is for the children to hear English spoken by a native English speaker and to improve their understanding of English, you will find them eager and grateful for your contribution. The minimum stay required at the school is one month.

There are fifty two major languages and hundreds of dialects spoken in Ghana with English, the official language of Ghana, spoken by many. Since September 2002, the government policy is for English to be used from the start of primary education, with a Ghanaian language studied as a compulsory subject up to senior secondary school level

About This Volunteer Teaching Project

A volunteer teaching project is the ideal opportunity to experience teaching without committing to a long term position.

There are no fees to pay to participate in this volunteer teaching project and consequently volunteers do not receive in-country assistance, support or any 24-hour emergency contacts. It is expected that all volunteers should be independent and strongly motivated to make their stay in Ghana a success.

This is a volunteer teaching project dedicated just to Westminster Comprehensive School. Please see the terms and conditions of this project for more information about what is expected of you, what you are responsible for and what is provided to you during your stay at the school.

Your Accommodation and Food

There is no charge for accommodation or food provided by the school. Accommodation would be provided for all prospective teaching volunteers as well as provision of local dishes (the local food is stew based, rice and curry, yams and beef, potatoes and chicken and some English dishes). 

In their stay in Ghana volunteers teach a lot of subjects including, English, Maths, and Science. The pictures here show the volunteers teaching different subjects at different times and classrooms.

Volunteering to teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School is a unique opportunity to become part of the community in Fumesua and discover a world unknown to the package tourist. Take the time to get to know the country, to work with the community and to live with the people.

Ghana is an English speaking country that gives volunteers a wonderful introduction to Africa. The country is politically stable, safe, affordable and characterised by its warm friendly people. It's an experience you'll cherish and remember for the rest of your life. 

Previous Volunteer Experiences

"For the next three months I'll be working at a school in Fumesua in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

As would be the case, Fumesua is just about the only part of Ghana that Google Earth has decided isn't really worth the effort. But any keen geographers out there can momentarily put down their felt-tips and check out Kumasi - the second largest city in Ghana - and have a squint for some vague, blurry and pixelated settlements about 15km to the east, on the Accra-Kumasi road ..........."

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Important Information for All Volunteers


Volunteers to teach English (or French) are expected to work for a period of not less than one month and must meet the following criteria:

  •     18 years or above
  •     Proficient in English or French
  •     Has interest in working with young people
  •     Should be independent
  •     Strongly motivated to make their stay in Ghana a success

Volunteers do not need to have a teaching background to be part of this project. But they should be patient, committed and have the desire to inspire the students and the ability to communicate ideas.

The educational system in Ghana follows the British academic calendar. Prospective volunteers must therefore take note of these dates.

Please make sure you read through and understand the requirements:

  1.     If you are considering applying to volunteer to teach in Ghana, it is essential you read our FAQ on preparing to stay in Ghana. It answers all your questions on important criteria such as visas, passports, vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis and travel and health insurance.
  2.     You must obtain a Volunteer Visa for travel to Ghana. You must apply for this entry visa before you leave, as no visas are issued in the airport on arrival.
  3.     Please read our Terms and Conditions that apply to all volunteer teachers working at Westminster Comprehensive School.

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Volunteer Applications

If you would like to apply to volunteer to teach English or French at Westminster Comprehensive School in Ghana, please use our Application Form.

Give as much information as you can about yourself, indicate your level of proficiency in teaching and the length of time and preferred dates for your volunteer post. Someone from the school in Ghana or George Burr, our volunteer coordinator in UK, will respond to your application as soon as possible.

Volunteer Application Form


Volunteers necessarily have to provide us with a personal or professional reference given by an employer, teacher, lawyer or doctor.

This reference must include detail of the context in which the referee knows you and stating that he or she knows of no reason why you should not volunteer. This reference cannot be from a family member.

The referee should also provide their contact details in order that Westminster Comprehensive School can contact them prior to your departure to confirm the reference given. Please ask your referee to complete this Reference Form.

Volunteers must be willing to show that they have no criminal records and that they are safe to work with children. A CRB (criminal records bureau) check may be made on applicants. 

Reference Form

Academic Year

The school year is based on a calendar of 195 days. The educational system in Ghana follows the British academic calendar. Prospective volunteers must therefore take note of these approximate dates.