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Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School

The aim of this project is to help the students improve the use of the English language and enhance their knowledge. If you are considering applying to be a volunteer teacher at Westminster Comprehensive School in Ghana then it is very important you have read and understood what is required of you.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers to teach English (or French) are expected to work for a period of not less than one month and must meet the following criteria:

  •     18 years or above
  •     Proficient in English or French
  •     Has interest in working with young people
  •     Should be independent
  •     Strongly motivated to make their stay in Ghana a success


Volunteers necessarily have to provide us with a personal or professional reference given by an employer, teacher, lawyer or doctor. This reference must include detail of the context in which the referee knows you and stating that he or she knows of no reason why you should not volunteer. This reference cannot be from a family member. The referee should also provide their contact details in order that Westminster Comprehensive School can contact them prior to your departure to confirm the reference given. Please ask your referee to complete this Reference Form.

Volunteers must be willing to show that they have no criminal records and that they are safe to work with children. A CRB (criminal records bureau) check may be made on applicants.

What is provided during my stay at the school

Accommodation will be provided for all teaching volunteers as well as provision of local dishes (the local food is stew based, rice and curry, yams and beef, potatoes and chicken and some English dishes). There is no charge for accommodation or food provided by the school.

Occasional and weekend use of a car would also be provided. If volunteers use school vehicles and drivers to see other parts of Ghana then a contribution to fuel and drivers accommodation is required.

For volunteers who wish to experience more luxurious, air conditioned, en-suite accomodation, then the Asantewaa Premier Guesthouse based in Fumesua, is offering a special rate for volunteer teachers at the school.

What am I responsible for?

You are responsible for your travel costs to and from Accra, the capital of Ghana, you will be met at Accra Airport and transported to your accommodation at Fumesua.

You are also responsible for:

  •     Your travel and health insurance
  •     Your passport and entry visa to Ghana
  •     Relevant vaccinations - you must show you have a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate to enter Ghana.
  •     Your day-to-day living expenses (there are very few)
  •     If volunteers use school vehicles and drivers to see other parts of Ghana then a contribution to fuel and drivers accommodation is required.

Please read our FAQ on preparing to stay in Ghana. It answers all your questions on important criteria such as visas, passports, vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis and travel and health insurance. 

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If you would like to apply to volunteer to teach English or French at Westminster Comprehensive School in Ghana, please use our Application Form. 

Give as much information as you can about yourself, indicate what teaching experience, skills or other proficiencies you have that would benefit the students and the length of time and preferred dates for your volunteer post.

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