Volunteer to Teach English

Building a community of lifelong learners.

We are seeking volunteers to teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School

About The School

Dedicated Educators

Westminster Comprehensive School is a private school that serves a wide variety of people from different race, ethnic background, and religion. Admission starts from age 3 and continues to Junior High School.

The basic aim of the school is to provide quality and affordable education to its pupils and students. The school has a population of about 800 students (boys and girls) with 41 teachers and teaching support staff. The students come from the local town of Fumesua, though some have to travel about 15km to get to the school premises. Nevertheless, special transport is arranged to bring such students to school and send them back home after school.

Volunteer Teacher Project

A volunteer teaching project is the ideal opportunity to experience teaching without committing to a long term position.

The main purpose of this volunteer project is for the children to hear English spoken by a native English speaker and to improve their understanding of English, you will find them eager and grateful for your contribution. The minimum stay required at the school is one month.

You will be using your professional teaching skills for children and adults who would benefit so much from them, your contribution would be very valuable. You could be part of this, both the school and the community of Fumesua, Kumasi would welcome you. 

Your Accommodation and Food

There are no fees to pay to participate in this volunteer teaching project and consequently volunteers do not receive in-country assistance, support or any 24-hour emergency contacts. It is expected that all volunteers should be independent and strongly motivated to make their stay in Ghana a success.

There is no charge for accommodation or food provided by the school. Accommodation would be provided for all prospective teaching volunteers as well as provision of local dishes (the local food is stew based, rice and curry, yams and beef, potatoes and chicken and some English dishes). 

Volunteer To Teach English